Tampa Videoconferencing
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Video Depositions
We use individual mics for the deponent and attorneys. We record video on DVD and on mini-dv tape for a safe backup. We use professional backgrounds for quality videos.

  • Video Conferencing
  • Free Video on DVD (Setting Attorney)
  • IME's (Including Neuropsychological)
  • On-site Video - Airplanes, Cars, Buildings..
  • Editing (Including Surveillance Videotapes)
  • Professional Audio and Video
  • Professional Background
  • CLVS - Certified Legal Video Specialist

Tampa Court Reporters
We can provide you with professional court reporters with many years of experience. All of our reporters hold at a minimum the Registered Professional Reporter designation from the National Court Reporters Association.

  • Depositions/Trials/Arbitration
  • Videoconferencing
  • Realtime
  • LiveNote
  • ASCII Disks
  • Condensed Transcript with Word Index
  • E-Transcript
  • RealLegal Publisher
  • Interpreters
  • Daily and Expedited Transcripts

Large Conference Room
Independent Medical Examination
We can videotape neuropsychological evaluations. Our videographer will set-up a single, stationary video camera and microphone in the examination room. All other equipment will be located in a separate room with the videographer. We will not interfere, interrupt or disrupt the examination at any time. No changing of video tapes on the camera required. All recordings are made from the separate room.