Discover the incredible power of video as a pre-trial and trial tool. A Pro Video, Inc. can offer you the most cost-effective legal video service.

The demand for video has continued to increase. With this demand comes a demand for professional video services. We can help you meet those demands. All of our videographers are experienced professionals.

Technology does not have to be expensive. Having your video put on DVD or CD can allow you to use it with other programs such as Sanction or PowerPoint. It's simple and easy to use. Just put the CD in your laptop and click and go. We also offer video and transcript synchronization. We are a reseller for YESLAW products. Call today and request a free demo in your office.

One of the most important parts of a video deposition is having an experienced videographer with professional equipment. We offer both.




Introducing the Solution

•Complete product that combines the deposition video and transcript with easy-to-use tools

•Simple video viewing by keyword search or transcript line number

•If you can highlight a transcript you can edit video clips – it is that simple

Harness the Power of Video

•Now video is simple to use in …


–Pre-trial Hearings


Tip the scales in your favor with video


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